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The Leader in North American Made Xylitol Products


Company Overview

Xylitol USA, Inc. was formally Incorporated in 2010 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xylitol Canada, Inc. Our roots go back prior to 2004 and we have been producing a full line of Xylitol products in North America for almost 10 years. We maintain a state of the art production and distribution facility in Aurora, CO.

Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience and expertise in naturally sugar free sweeteners and products. As a division of a publicly traded company, Xylitol USA has the strategic backing and vision to continue to be a leader in the Xylitol market.

Xylitol USA uses only North American Hardwood based Xylitol. Rest assured whether you are purchasing our bulk Xylitol, or any one of our 70+ Xylitol products, you are getting the highest quality North American made offering available.

To learn more about our parent company – please visit – a publicly traded company TSX: XYL

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