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The Leader in North American Made Xylitol Products


Sustainable Eco Friendly Process

We understand that our commitment to keeping you healthy includes keeping the environment healthy, as well.

That’s why we’ve taken great care to ensure that the technology we use and our manufacturing process is more sustainable than Xylitol produced with other fibrous fruits or vegetables like corn.

We use a proprietary wood-based process that significantly reduces the impact on the environment, and lowers C02 emissions by more than 80% over the conventional corncob process. This also means that we’re not using valuable cropland to raise crops for fuel, taking food away from your table.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of Xylitol found in North America comes from Corn, from China, or both. With growing concerned about Genetically Modified crops – You have the peace of mind that our process is not only environmentally friendly, but also question free when considering consumption.